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Services We Offer

In addition to Internet Access, WPIA offers a full line of Web services. Bring your vision to life on the Web with WPIA!
  • Domain Name Registration and Hosting - WPIA can put your company on the web. A domain name allows you to establish a presence on the web at www.yourcompany.com! WPIA can handle all phases of this process. We will work with you to find an available domain name that meets your needs, then handle the entire registration process. Once your domain is registered, we will set-up and host the DNS record on our server.

  • E-mail Hosting - Another advantage of registering a domain is your e-mail is sent to someone@yourcompany.com In addition to hosting your DNS record and Web Page, WPIA will host your E-mail on our SUN Microsystems server.

  • Web Page Hosting - When you establish a commercial account with WPIA you get 250 Megs of space on our commercial web server. As your site grows, additional server space is available for an additional charge.

  • Server Co-Location - Don't need a high speed connection to your office, but your server does. WPIA offers server co-location services. Your server can be located at our offices and connected directly to our Internet backbone to provide a cost effective solution to your server's bandwidth requirements.

  • Traffic Analysis - Ever wonder where your hits come from? Would you like to track your vistors and where they come from? Do you know which search engine sends you the most traffic? What web browser are your visitors using? WPIA can help you answer all of these important questions.
Please contact our main office for details on any of these services.